1. Branding In-App Messages

Wednesday, October 20, at 11am PT (2pm ET)

We’ve recently launched new and exciting features that allow for robust In-App Message personalization. Join OneSignal Senior Product Manager Ruby Childs as she shares how you can achieve advanced message customization that will strengthen your brand and support key business objectives.

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2. CEO Strategies: Growth Opportunities in the Wake of the Epic vs Apple Ruling

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 1pm PT (4pm ET)

Watch an exclusive panel discussion with the CEOs from OneSignal, RevenueCat, and Rapchat where they will discuss the Apple vs Epic ruling’s impact on mobile growth and retention strategies. Hear about growth tactics you can use to take advantage of web payments and understand how to reshape retention strategies for subscription-based business models.

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3. Set Up Push Notifications in Angular

Wednesday, November 3rd, 11:00 am PDT (2pm ET)

Join OneSignal Sr. Developer Advocate Pato Vargas as he demonstrates how you can use the latest NPM package from OneSignal to send push notifications with Angular.

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